What is a hang drum?

The term ‘hang’ is a plural form of the word ‘Hanghang’, which is a most popular musical instrument. It was developed by the Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner in Bern, Switzerland. This hang is also known as the hang drum, which belongs to the idiophone class. Actually, this instruments can be constructed from two-half shells of nitrided steel sheet and deep glued that has glued together at the rim, which leaves the inside hollow and develop a distinct UFO shape. The top side of this instrument has a center hole hammered into it and the seven or eight tone fields are hammered around the center portion. The bottom portion is a plain surface that has rolled hole at the center with a fine tuned note.

Typically, this hang can be played by just resting on the lap of a player. Generally, this instrument can be played with the use of hands and fingers, instead of using mallets. Even the lighter means of playing this drum can produce the overtone rich sound that can be considered as warmer as well as softer than the heavier sound of a mallet. The top side of this hang is based on how it is played and produces sound like balls, harp and harmonically tuned steel pans. However, each tone field has several tones related, especially in the flattened field. While the bottom side of this hang has a round opening that produces together with the air in the cavity.

Looking for the hang drum for sale

Unlike any other instruments, the hang drums are very unique instrument. These are hand-made, but not mass produced. Now, you can find the hang drum for sale for affordable prices. Actually, this new instrument was first introduced in the year of 2001 by PANArt. Over the decades ago, the PANArt has decide to stop creating the hang and mainly focused on developing the glubal instead. But still now, there is a high demand for hang, especially among the hang drum fans. Today, many companies are selling this hang instrument and it is very lucky to get on your hand. If you want to use now, you just make a purchase of this drum for sale from the online websites like eBay. Another great option to buy this instrument is getting a hang directly from the PANArt since 2008.

Cost of hang drum

If you are looking to purchase the hang drum, first of all you should consider the cost of a drum. Primarily, the PANArt can cost the hang drum around $ 400; this is why growing popularity very fast. When it is stop producing this drum, the price of this hang instrument can be increased even more. The range of hang drum can be going from $ 7.000 to $ 13.000 and widely available on eBay. Now, you can still buy this hand drum at reasonable prices. When you are willing to buy this hand-made drum, you can make your purchase from the right manufacturer.