Questions To Ask When You Compare The Top Air Purifiers


If you or any of your family members have asthma and dust allergy, the best thing you can do is to invest in an air filter or a room air cleaner to ensure better breathing experience at least within home. Not just for asthma and allergy, this type of investment can be the best in the case of your family members with hay fever or COPD problem.

In case one of your family members is a smoker, a room air cleaner or an air filter can be of great help. Also, reports state that passive smoking can worsen asthma symptoms and it can also cause nasal congestion in kids. Of course, you would be interested in investing on the best rated air purifier. But, when it comes to making such an investment, it is important that you should get answer to the following questions from the sellers, when you are in the process of comparing different top air purifiers in the market. Here are the details about questions to ask during this investment process:

Is the unit large enough?

The right size of the purifier is determined on the basis of the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the unit. This is the scale used for measuring the quality of air purifiers. This rate will give you the answer whether the purifier will clean the air in your big size bedroom at equal intervals of every 4-6 minutes.

How difficult is to change the filter?


Remember to ask the seller for a demonstration even when you plan to invest on the best value air purifiers. Ask the number of days within which the filter or filters are to be changed in an average home with a smoker as a family member. Also, remember to check the cost of replacement filters and also check about the money you will have to spend when buying them over the internet.

What is the estimated running cost?

Also, with your intention to buy the best air purifier, you should never forget to check with the seller about the estimated average running cost the unit. When it consumes more of electricity, there will an increase in your utility bills and you should check whether this increase in the utility bill can be managed or is actually worth to spend.

How much noise does the unit make?


This is an important question to ask in the case of HEPA units with fan attached to them. Generally, CADR rating is given only when the fan is operating at its high speed, which means that the measurement is made when the unit is at its highest noise. Check whether the unit is quite enough when you and your family members sleep and it should not create a sound that disturbs the sleep.

Remember that not just in the case of homes with smokers, but also in homes with people having dust allergy, investing on the best air filters is the right choice. You can arrive at the best unit, when you get the right clarification for the questions mentioned above.