Grand Theft Auto V is best selling game ever

Rockstar Games is one of the well known game developing company that has developed extremely popular Grand Theft Auto. GTA is ten years old PC game so Rockstar Games has released a Android and iOS version to celebrate 10 years anniversary. Later, the guys at Rockstar Games teased the upcoming GTA V game and they have released a trailer too. We reported that the game was top-notch in every aspect so we did expect that the sales will blown away on gamer world. Now, Rockstar Games has officially outed the game on September 17, 2013, just one day ago, now GTA V becomes the world’s best selling game ever. Rockstar Games has managed to sell $800m worth of game copies, this is really a true success for the company.

Before the official availability only, the game gained huge popularity from game lovers and no shortage issues also increases the hype on game. Few of gaming shops opened in mid-night to sell the GTA V, the game also expected to arrive to Japan and Brazil but the current pre-order figures exceeded Rockstar Games expectations so it might take some time to ship those countries. Rockstar Games did fantastic job by shipping the pre-order copies to UK via Amazon nearly one week before official availability.

The huge success didn’t come cheap for Rockstar Games, they spent nearly $115m to develop the entire game over the course of five years, which is excluding the promotional cost. Rockstar Games spent massive $150m to promote the game across the globe. Finally, they got $800m in just one day and company executives are expecting to gain $1.6 billion by first year sales. Few reports are predicting that Rockstar Games sold over 25 million copies so far. Rockstar Games may unveil GTA V for Android, iOS and Windows Phone later this year but they didn’t mention any plans for mobile operating systems.

On the other hand, company is going to open the doors for “Grand Theft Auto online” starting from October 1st, 2013, which will help in boosting the sales figure significantly.

“A dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V,” GTA Online will see continuous updates, Rockstar Games has promised, with gamers able to dip in and out of the virtual world and collaborate with fellow players.

Ok.. guys, now, you may have itch on your hands to play GTA V, head over to the Rockstar Games official website for preorder. You can also read the critic reviews from here about Grand Theft Auto V.