All things about Apple Processors

Apple Inc has been using its own System On Chips to power up their iDevices since launch. Apple has been using different naming schema when compared to other SoC manufacturers. There wouldn’t be any difficult combinations here like Snapdragon 8xxx, Exynos 5xxx etc. Apple usually calls its processors with the combination of alphabet and numeric number like A4, A5. Later they were added another alphabet at postfix to differentiate as the powerful processors – A5X, A6X.
Apple APL0XXX :

Apple started designing the SoCs in June 2007. The first SoC named APL0098, it was manufactured based on 90nm fabrication process and clocked at 412 MHz, it contains only one core along with 16KB cache memory. It was combined with 32-bit Single channel LPDDR RAM, which had clocked at 103 MHz, Apple included PowerVR MBX Lite GPU to handle the graphics, it was clocked at 103 MHz. iPhone, iPod Touch (1st Gen), iPhone 3G are the devices which utilized APL0098 processor so far.

Under the APL0XXX brand Apple had released total four processors which are having the clock frequencies ranging from 412 MHz-800MHz. Apple had included variety of processors in different devices including iPhone 3GS too.

Apple A4 :

Apple A4 was designed based on Cortex A8 CPU architecture. It is the Single-core processor clocked at 800 MHz- 1GHz. The A4 has used in iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch (4th Gen), Apple TV (2nd Gen). The SGX535 in the A4 could push 35 million polygons/second and 500 million pixels/second, although in real world tests it struggled to pull off even 7 million flat shaded polygons. Interestingly, A4 chipset doesn’t have the built-in RAM, instead of that Apple went with PoP installation means, there is a package with two lower power 128MB DDR SDRAM chips total of 256MB RAM mounted in top of the chipset. Where, iPhone 4 uses two 256 MB PoP chipsets so in the result iPhone 4 becomes faster than previous generation iDevices.
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Questions To Ask When You Compare The Top Air Purifiers


If you or any of your family members have asthma and dust allergy, the best thing you can do is to invest in an air filter or a room air cleaner to ensure better breathing experience at least within home. Not just for asthma and allergy, this type of investment can be the best in the case of your family members with hay fever or COPD problem.

In case one of your family members is a smoker, a room air cleaner or an air filter can be of great help. Also, reports state that passive smoking can worsen asthma symptoms and it can also cause nasal congestion in kids. Of course, you would be interested in investing on the best rated air purifier. But, when it comes to making such an investment, it is important that you should get answer to the following questions from the sellers, when you are in the process of comparing different top air purifiers in the market. Here are the details about questions to ask during this investment process:

Is the unit large enough?

The right size of the purifier is determined on the basis of the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the unit. This is the scale used for measuring the quality of air purifiers. This rate will give you the answer whether the purifier will clean the air in your big size bedroom at equal intervals of every 4-6 minutes.

How difficult is to change the filter?


Remember to ask the seller for a demonstration even when you plan to invest on the best value air purifiers. Ask the number of days within which the filter or filters are to be changed in an average home with a smoker as a family member. Also, remember to check the cost of replacement filters and also check about the money you will have to spend when buying them over the internet.

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Grand Theft Auto V is best selling game ever

Rockstar Games is one of the well known game developing company that has developed extremely popular Grand Theft Auto. GTA is ten years old PC game so Rockstar Games has released a Android and iOS version to celebrate 10 years anniversary. Later, the guys at Rockstar Games teased the upcoming GTA V game and they have released a trailer too. We reported that the game was top-notch in every aspect so we did expect that the sales will blown away on gamer world. Now, Rockstar Games has officially outed the game on September 17, 2013, just one day ago, now GTA V becomes the world’s best selling game ever. Rockstar Games has managed to sell $800m worth of game copies, this is really a true success for the company.

Before the official availability only, the game gained huge popularity from game lovers and no shortage issues also increases the hype on game. Few of gaming shops opened in mid-night to sell the GTA V, the game also expected to arrive to Japan and Brazil but the current pre-order figures exceeded Rockstar Games expectations so it might take some time to ship those countries. Rockstar Games did fantastic job by shipping the pre-order copies to UK via Amazon nearly one week before official availability.

The huge success didn’t come cheap for Rockstar Games, they spent nearly $115m to develop the entire game over the course of five years, which is excluding the promotional cost. Rockstar Games spent massive $150m to promote the game across the globe. Finally, they got $800m in just one day and company executives are expecting to gain $1.6 billion by first year sales. Few reports are predicting that Rockstar Games sold over 25 million copies so far. Rockstar Games may unveil GTA V for Android, iOS and Windows Phone later this year but they didn’t mention any plans for mobile operating systems.

On the other hand, company is going to open the doors for “Grand Theft Auto online” starting from October 1st, 2013, which will help in boosting the sales figure significantly.

“A dynamic and persistent online world for 16 players that begins by sharing gameplay features, geography and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto V,” GTA Online will see continuous updates, Rockstar Games has promised, with gamers able to dip in and out of the virtual world and collaborate with fellow players.

Ok.. guys, now, you may have itch on your hands to play GTA V, head over to the Rockstar Games official website for preorder. You can also read the critic reviews from here about Grand Theft Auto V.

Samsung Galaxy Star Duos Review

i Samsung’s continuous domination in high-end Android segment is different from low-end because there are lot of other local manufacturers already performing well with its budget Android mobiles. To compete with those devices, Samsung was announced entry level Android smartphone – Galaxy Star S5280 in April, 2013. This device also available in Dual-SIM variant in selected markets as Galaxy Start Duos S5282, the Dual SIM version of Galaxy Star is now available from wide variety of retailers in India for Rs. 4,990 ($91 or €70). We recently reviewed this low-end droid. Lets get into full details of this phone.

Design & Display :

Samsung Galaxy Star offers basic design with typical Samsung Android buttons at bottom. It is quire curvy at top and bottom but overall it offers quite acceptable design, especially at this price tag. It measures 105 x 58 x 11.9 mm (4.13 x 2.28 x 0.47 in) and weighs 100.5 g (3.53 oz) also nice to hold. At the left side of the devices, you will find volume rocker. At right side, there is typical Samsung lock/ unlock button. There is 3.5 mm jack on top and back of the device carries 2MP rear shooter but no LED flash and also the capacitive touch screen buttons also placed at nicely along with Pebble design like Home button, which we are seen in many of Galaxy devices. The Galaxy Star fully made with plastic, the nice back shell also proven that. The overall build quality is also seems to be good at this price range.

Samsung added a basic 3-inch TFT LCD capacitive touch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, which makes 133 PPI. Of course, it is too low to consider but expecting lot at this price tag doesn’t make sense. There is no gorilla glass protection, in the mean time, Nokia devices at same price tag offers Hardened glass to protect the device from scratches, which is nice. Samsung has to offer some thing extra to protect the display, without the proper display, you won’t do any thing with recent generation smartphones because all activities will run based on the display only. The Galaxy Star offers multi touch functionality, it supports upto 5 point multi touch. In our tests, the touch feedback is good enough and multi touch functionality could be better.
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HTC One Review- The best smartphone on the planet

After consecutive quarter losses, HTC did some thing fantastic with its recent flagship HTC One. The smartphone comes with rich set of features and HTC completely revamped its strategy and came up with a fresh idea, which helped to overcome all the previous losses. The HTC One is the only available smartphone, which can easily compete with Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC packs all the premium specs into the sleek all metal unibody shell, there is no more words to say about built quality, it’s just awesome. Not only the built quality but also HTC One brings tons of new features to the table. Lets find full features in our detailed HTC One review.

1. Design and Engineering
2. Box Contents
3. Hardware
4. Software
5. Camera
6. Benchmark Results
7. Battery Life
8. Pricing & Availability
9. Verdict

Design and Engineering :

HTC One is possibly the best Android powered smartphone till date. I was previously worked with almost all the top end devices but i didn’t see a solid smartphone in Android eco-system, which is not the same case in iOS and Windows Phone eco-systems. These two eco-systems having solidly constructed devices since couple of years. Even lately debuted Windows Phone eco-system also have best designed smartphones from various OEMs. HTC is the one of the Windows Phone OEM, which was announced the best designed HTC Windows Phone 8X. Later, they were came up with beautiful Butterfly with solid build quality. Finally, one device after huge losses pushed the company at safe side is nothing but HTC One. The best smartphone in Android history. Unlike Samsung devices, HTC gone with all metal unibody construction and they were chosen ideal 4.7-inch screen size to easily operate with one hand.

The beautiful 4.7-inch Super LCD 3 display arranged into the all metal unibody chassis and HTC added BoomSound speakers at top and bottom of the screen, since the speakers placed at front, you can experience the best audio performance so far in any smartphone. Rather than using three capacitive touch buttons, HTC gone with just two button formulae – Home & Back, between that you will have HTC logo, it looks like a button but it can’t do any actions. You will find front camera at top right and at left side, there are bunch of sensors to do respective tasks.

Coming to the rear side, you will have 4 MP Ultra Pixel camera with LED flash. In middle, there is HTC logo and below of that, you will have a stylish beats audio logo and some FCC labels. At top, it has 3.5mm audio jack and power/lock button, since HTC integrated IR Blaster into the power button, it actually doubles the functionality by supporting as the TV remote control. At bottom, it has a micro USB slimport for charging and syncing. Next to it, you will find a primary micro phone. At right side, you will find volume rocker and left side, it has SIM port, which can be ejectable with dedicated SIM eject tool. One final word i have to say here, HTC One is the premiumly constructed device i have ever seen in my entire life.
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